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All participants must be at least 16 years old.
Grand Staircase ATV Tours

Offering  private guided tours into the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  Tours range in length from 2 hours to 3-4 days! With over 17 years experience we are dedicated to making your trip a most memorable one!

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Powell Point

2 Hour Sunset Tour  

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Our Sunset tour is a perfect trip for those hot summer days. This tour goes out for a couple of hours in the evening and provides a perfect opportunity to catch some great sunset photos. The cooler temperatures in the evening make it nice also.  starting at $75

3 Day Tours

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Our 3 day tour is an all inclusive memorable experience that will last a lifetime. All meals are included as well as sleeping arrangements. Either at the Bryce Canyon Livery B&B or if guests prefer to have the “real” experience, camping out on the trail is also an option. We provide tents and sleeping bags and meals cooked over the fire for those who would like to rough it. Some of our dinners include BBQ ribs and Dutch Oven Potatoes as well as Bree’s Special honey salmon as well as Dutch oven Cobbler and smores around the campfire. These tours are amazing and become a trip that guests will look back on for years to come!! From $899

4 Hour Slot Canyon Tour
Vist places like Everett's granve and Willis Creek Slot Canyon.  Also visit Bull Valley Gorge and See the truck stuck in the slot canyon

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